Amenities & Policies



In Hotel Rooms

♦ Complimentary coffee/tea*

♦ Fridge*

♦ Microwave*

♦ Internet TV and DVD player

♦ Hair dryer*

♦ Kitchens in select rooms

♦ Clawfoot soaking tubs in select rooms

♦ Ocean and/or Yachats River estuary views in select rooms

♦ Balconies or decks in select rooms

♦ Air Conditioning in all rooms except Heron's Roost, Mae West Bungalow, and the Pedal Out rooms. (Fans and windows are available in these rooms.)

♦ We supply rooms with coffee/tea, linens/towels, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hand soap, and toilet paper, as well as dish soap in kitchen units. If you need more of any of these items, please just ask!*

* For the five Pedal Out (hostel-style) rooms, the coffee/tea station, fridge, and microwave are in the shared kitchenette. Toiletries and hairdryers are in the shared bathrooms.

Property Amenities

♦ Complimentary WiFi

♦ Free Parking in a side lot or in a back lot

♦ DVD Library for hotel guests

♦ Restaurant and Bar with nightly live music

♦ Hotel Room Service (as restaurant staffing allows)

♦ Patios with fire pits: Paver Patio is open to hotel guests. The covered Restaurant Patio is open to hotel guests when not needed by restaurant patrons (please ask restaurant staff).

♦ Game Room with pool table, shuffleboard, and board games - available by advance reservation

♦ Gift Shop and Mercantile

♦ Coin-op washer & dryer

♦ Easy access to downtown shops and restaurants

♦ Easy access to nearby trails and parks


♦ Self Check-in after 3 pm

♦ Self Check-out by 11 am

♦ Dogs: Up to 2 friendly, fully house-trained, and well-behaved dogs are allowed for a daily $15 fee per dog in eight of our rooms. Sorry, no cats. Please do not leave your dog(s) in the room unattended.

♦ Service Animals

♦ Cancellation: For guest convenience, just 24-hours notice, by 3 pm, is required to cancel one-day reservations for a full refund. For multi-day reservations, advance notice must match the number of days booked. For instance, cancellation of a 2-day reservation requires 48-hours notice, and so on, by 3 pm.

♦ Smoking: No smoking/vaping is allowed anywhere on the premises. If you do wish to smoke/vape, please do so outside of our fences and away from windows and doors. In room smoking/vaping will result in a $250 cleaning fee.

♦ Alcohol: No outside alcohol is allowed on the premises except in your hotel room, as per OLCC regulation.

♦ No outdoor cooking without pre-approval and a designated location provided by our management

♦ No parties or events in hotel rooms

♦ Quiet Hours: From 9 pm to 8 am Sept thru June / From 10 pm to 8 am July thru August

♦ Cleaning
  • All Guests - Please place used towels and washcloths on the floor of your room, not on the bed.
  • Kitchen Unit Guests - Please leave your kitchen (dishes/appliances) clean or incur a cleaning fee.
  • Pedal Out Rooms Guests - Leave shared spaces, such as bathrooms, clean and dry by wiping down all surfaces when you are done.
  • Guests with Fur Family - Find a “dog bag” in your room. Use the enclosed “dog sheet” to protect linens and furniture, if any, that your dog gets on and the “dog towel” to dry your dog if wet. Do not use people towels on your dog(s). Please clean up after your fur family.

♦ Damage Fees: These may be charged if stains are left in bed linens, towels, furnishings, or flooring that cannot be removed, or items are torn, broken, or otherwise left damaged.

♦ We are following CDC and Oregon Health Authority Guidelines when cleaning our rooms.

Please Note

♦ Rooms up one flight of stairs include Mermaid Haven, Most Charming, and Heron’s Roost.

♦ Rooms with three steps at the entrance include Mae West Bungalow and the Pedal Out Rooms building.