Amenities & Policies


  • Free WiFi
  • Restaurant with nightly live music
  • Patios with fire pits
  • Game Room - pool, shuffleboard, board games
  • Coin-op washer & dryer
  • TV and DVD players
  • DVD library
  • Room Service
  • On-site Gift Shop and Mercantile
  • Free Parking in a side lot or in a back lot
  • Air Conditioning - in all rooms except the Pedal Out rooms, Heron's Roost, and Mae West Bungalow


  • Check-in after 3 pm
  • Check-out by 11 am
  • No smoking is allowed anywhere on the premises.
  • No outside alcohol is allowed on the premises except in your hotel room, as per OLCC regulation.
  • Pets: Up to two friendly dogs are allowed in the following rooms: Heron’s Roost, Sky Candy, Jellymoon, Sugar & Spice, Pelican's Perch, Mae West Bungalow, and Captain’s Quarters. The dog fee is $15 per dog/per night.
  • Cancellation: For guest convenience, just 24-hours notice (by 3 pm) is required to cancel one-day reservations for a full refund. For multi-day reservations, advance notice must match the number of days booked. For instance, cancellation of a 2-day reservation requires 48-hours notice, a 3-day reservation requires 72-hours notice, and so on, by 3 pm.
  • We are following CDC and Oregon Health Authority Guidelines when cleaning our rooms.

Please Note

  • Rooms up one flight of stairs include Mermaid Haven, Most Charming, and Heron’s Roost.
  • Rooms with three steps at the entrance include Mae West Bungalow and the Pedal Out Rooms building.